Miss Saigon ‘The Movie’



Well this could be a little confusing as this post isn’t for a live performance but a visit to a cinema, and the photo is of the sign from a theatre in London.

But as i mentioned I love Miss Saigon and they recorded the 25th Anniversay performance I saw in 2015, and they released it to cinemas, initially a single 7pm showing, but then the demand dictated they put on a matinee showing. So I of course booked for both. this mean I spend nearly 6 hours out of 12 in a cinema.

The film itself was brilliant, I was expecting a locked off long shot with close ups for certain performances, however with the exception of a couple of quick mix shots during the dance numbers it was continuously moving close-ups and absolutlely amazing.

I have heard some say that as it was so good there was no need for a full blown movie, now I wouldn’t go that far, it is great, I love it (I own it as it was released on BluRay and DVD) but would love to see a full big screen version too, you can never get too much of a good thing.


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